Volunteer Vacations in Asia

volunteer in Asia

Options for volunteer vacations throughout Asia are vast, in terms of both location and array of experiences. You can volunteer on a vacation in many Asian countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and China. Volunteer experiences may include teaching orphans and other children, teaching English, providing general care for children and helping with renovation and construction of buildings.


Volunteers with Take Me to Volunteer Travel help Indian communities develop by teaching orphans, children of various tribes and children in day care centers how to speak English. Volunteers also instruct the children in arts and crafts, history, geography and science. Formal training as a teacher is not required; however, the ability to speak English and an understanding of the English language are musts. A volunteer vacation in Orissa, India, for a minimum of three nights costs approximately $610 and up to $1,000 for four weeks (as of 2010).

volunteer in Asia
volunteer in Asia

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Volunteer vacations with Global Service Corps in Thailand include a two-day tour of Bangkok. Volunteers then travel approximately 60 miles west to the White Wat (a Buddhist monastery) for a five-day orientation. Orientation, conducted by Buddhist monks, includes learning the Thai language and culture, history, religion and the country's cuisine. Also during that first week, volunteers begin to interact with the nuns and monks of the monastery and select their preferred program, teaching English or working in an orphanage. A two-week volunteer vacation costs $1,480 (as of 2010). The cost includes meals, accommodations, entrance fees and transportation.

A volunteer vacation
A volunteer vacation


Real Gap Experience offers volunteer vacationers a chance to positively affect Indonesia's disadvantaged areas, home to hundreds of orphanages and street children. Volunteers are immersed in the local culture, language and history. Volunteer activities include working at local orphanages, teaching in schools and assisting with renovation and construction of small buildings in local communities. As of 2010, the cost for four weeks is approximately $1,599.


Volunteers with i-to-i visit Ho Chi Minh City to provide general care for children, some of whom have special needs. In addition, volunteers learn the local culture and explore Vietnam’s markets. The vacation can last for a minimum of one week to as long as 12 weeks. As of 2010, the cost starts at $1,299 for one week and $225.00 for each following week. Accommodation is free, but food is not included; the estimated cost for food is about $50 per week. Volunteers are also responsible for visas, flights, local transportation and insurance.